Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hopes were high for a few more plant posts before we leave VA, but in the middle of shooting my pond flowers, I dropped the camera into the pond. *sigh*

So, no more plants, no more pictures and no more camera. I won't get to shopping 'til we're home, but I'd love to hear camera recommendations in the meantime.

Also in the meantime, please go have a look at another blog... International Political Will has quickly become one of my favorites, and above you'll find a link to his very last post. A moving and terribly important reminder...

We're plugging away here - packing and baking and hoping like mad that Chris's visa will come through sometime, ever.

Looking forward to getting on the road, dipping my toes in Lake Mendota, and catching up with all my Madison peeps! But already missing everyone and everything we've come to love here in the Blue Ridge... so it goes.


Sensory Overload said...

Maggie - Do you still have the camera? You may be able to save it. I've resuscitated other electronic equipment. Take a peek at this :


Maggie said...

I'll check it out once we arrive in the North-land, Ne'ke - thanks for the tip.

Hope you're up for getting together soon! :)

Sensory Overload said...

Maggie - I would love to see you. You are such light and I've missed you greatly.

Looking very forward to seeing you once again.

Be well until then.

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