Sunday, December 28, 2008

Best Waiter in India

A few India trips ago, Chris and one of my illustrious predecessors (Hi Carla!) bestowed the title of Best Waiter in India on a waiter in Manali.  Last night, that many years-long streak was broken by the gentleman pictured above, Senapati.  

Yes, that enormous thing he is holding is food, and yes, we ate it.  Almost all of it, anyhow.  But Senapati's talents go far beyond toting large food items.  Where most Indian waiters here seem loathe to actually interact with customers, Senapati was very attentive, and even friendly.  There was no delay in receiving menus once we sat down.  Drinks were brought within minutes of being ordered and the food in record time as well.  (For point of comparison, we often have to wait, and then ask for menus, and it is not uncommon for dinner to take upwards of 45minutes to arrive.)  Senapati even offered helpful advice about portion sizes and looked out for Chris's health by refusing to serve him cold coffee.  (For those of you unfamiliar with Indian folk wisdom about weather and illness, drinking anything at all cold when the temperature is below 75 is tantamount to licking the sidewalk, or worse.  But that's another blog post...)

And now to close with a challenge for all our future visitors to Varanasi:  We will take you to Senapati's place of employment during your visit.  Your task is to, 1. Identify the restaurant before Senapati or the huge dosa appear, and 2. Eat the huge dosa with only one helper.  Who's in? 


Grandpa George said...

I nominate Grandma Ginny and Susannah!!!

Susannah said...

I'm IN! Although, I suggest the punishment for not finishing the giant food with only one helper is no more severe than having a zerberted tummy. See you SOON!