Sunday, February 8, 2009

Last Look

Just in time to miss Mayawati’s appearance in Varanasi, we are outta here! 

Our last week here reads like a perfect microcosm of our last 4 months – moments of surreal India-ness, bouts of nasty illness and best of all, time spent with many many wonderful people.  A few highlights, illustrated and not…

Breakfast, conversation and more momma-love than I could’ve ever hoped for at the hotel formerly known as the Taj with Amy and Leaf.  I'm leaving Varanasi with a full heart and spirit, thanks to the grace and generosity of these two amazing women.  

Dinner at the Radisson with Nisha, et al.

Tea with the Boulder Posse - thanks for connecting us Patsy!  Words are insufficient to describe how lovely it was to spend the afternoon with them all...

Surviving my second bout of food poisoning – gotta love intestinal cramps so bad that you start to pass out!

One last playgroup at the Baby Ashram – Chris finally got to experience the joy of Quiet Day…  and all the babies!

Three of us on antibiotics for ear infections/strep throat/bronchitis sent from Hades, directly.

Bike rides in the driveway.

Finally getting to meet (and discuss married life with) (???) girls from the Bucky Badger Gupta’s hostel.

The ministrations of 4 of the saintliest men in Varanasi 

– the Alliance Packers and Movers – I packed next to nothing and honestly, I feel no guilt whatsoever.  Far cry from this… 

Mehendi from IP Mall.

2 nights at Guruji’s.

Momos, “What Time is it Mr. Fox?” and Dots with 2 of Sarnath’s finest.

One last visit to the Pharmacy Guptas.

A Rajasthani feast cum reggae dance party in Guruji’s living room with Will and Rishi, 2 fellow Hindi students.

And now, what else but breakfast (and Single Plungers!) from Open Hand to fuel us on our outbound journey? 

Look out Pune, here we come!

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paul said...

looked at susannah's india pictures and videos last night. i particularly enjoyed the knight of the sky and harmonium performances. best of luck with the move.