Saturday, August 8, 2009

Goodbye, India...

The SLNC (Santa? Like, No. Claus) goodie bag is packed. The cab is downstairs. The last of the rupees are being spent (Yes, I'd like a year's worth of paan. To go.) Three and a half hours till take-off (G-d willing), less than 24 hours to Chicago. I think we all have one last gasp of Indological Illness, which is making it happier to leave. If there's (free) internet at the airport, I'll do an acknowledgments post. Don't look for any shoutouts, Indian immigrations and customs troublemakers, unless we have a hassle-free exit. Watch this be the one time they ask me for an income tax clearance certificate, since I don't have one.

In a final development, at McDonald's tonight, Ben said 'I'm ok with spicy stuff.'

Gratuitous India Picture:

---no more rickshaws for a while...

and with that, the SLNChampionistita sends to 'finish packing' (here I think she's using the imperative.)

1 comment:

Grandpa George said...

See you soon spicy stuffs.

Been checking your post 4+ times daily to see when you're in the air.