Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tidewater 4-10-0-9

Name that tune for a SLNC prize. We're under 100 hours til home. In Leh. Each kid sick and leaking from a different end--since G-d loves us, our hotel is owned by an MD. Offered མངས་ཇ་ at Likir this morning, which means tea for all, and got matching dragons and yaks in thanks. Less tearful than usual saying goodbye, except when the discipline-master put khataks on Ben. We handed out rs100 notes to the assembled pious.
I have no good recent significant photos (though Caitlin did get the Maitreya Buddha at night, thanks to somebody resetting the ISO to 1600, and to Noe for lending a tripod) but here's something or other...let's see what I can dredge up.
There you go, me and some of the local oldsters, including the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sole Member of what Geshe-la calls the One Eyed Circumambulating Grandma Society.

See yall sooner and sooner...


margaret said...

I'm already a winner so maybe I'm not allowed to play, but...I'm gonna guess that that's NOT Glen Campbell.

Also, I'm gonna take this opportunity now that the blog is probably winding down to say that this brainiac ehirunner fellow is just too cryptic and obscure. He should not be allowed to run the contests.

margaret said...

Sorry, in my snarkiness I forgot to say that I hope the smalls get better soon and CAN'T wAIT TO SEE YOU ALL! Lucy has offered to push her stroller all the way to Madison to see yous asap but it's too far for me to walk and I don't fit in the stroller.

ehirunner said...

I've been singing Rhinestone Cowboy for bedtime, and you wouldn't be too far off since its originally elvis.