Tuesday, September 22, 2009


At some point I think there will be a return to proper blogging, with narrative and all that.  But not now.  Not when the sauna and jacuzzi are both calling my name from the bathroom, though.  The bathroom with more square footage than many of the rooms in my home...  All credit to my in-laws and a chance run-in at the ice cream shop.  

For now, pictures...


girl_in_greenwood said...

For just a very brief second, I thought that first photo was of your house, and I almost peed my pants. Then I realized what the "CW" in the title must stand for and it all became clear.

audio_mosaic said...

Hi Maggie-I was hoping that if you remember Nicole (Ne'ke) from your days at Crestwood After School, you might be willing to email me at : audio_mosaic@mac.com.

I know it's been ages and you and your family sure have had some adventures (which I found somehow). So anyhow - if you have the time and remember me, please drop a note.

Thank you.