Thursday, October 22, 2009

Offset Spatula

This is why I wanted that spatula Meggie...

(This is Ghost Pleasing Chocolate Cake from the lovely children's book, 
The Bakeshop Ghost by Jacqueline K. Ogborn.  Definitely worth a read.
And a taste.  
I have a bit of a thing for chocolate cake and can honestly say that this is among the very best I've ever tasted.)  

I've said a few times that I'd get back to proper blogging, and really, I'd like to.  Perhaps soon, but for now I'm baking up a storm and getting the wheels turning to return to birth work.  We're all doing really well and having a lot of fun in our new home.  Looking forward to more travels this fall, and visits from a fair few of you too! 


Anonymous said...

Maggie...still loving your blog, glad you're home, in your NEW home and things are looking good! Lovin' those pics of CW! I want to go there! We were planning a trip there this summer, but the best laid plans.....will stop by periodically as you post periodically!

Maria of Maine

margaret said...

yum! looks delicious, and i'm curious about the book you mentioned. so taken with the photo of your cake was i that i made brownies tonight.