Saturday, October 24, 2009

From the mouths of babes...

Upon being asked if everything was alright before I left him at Kids' Night Out at the temple, Ben said,

"Now that I'm affiliated with This Guy [jerks thumb toward his friend Elliott] and his Lego contraption ... well ... you know Mom ... "  [then gives me a dismissive flick of the wrist]

And then on the way home, after his sister made mention of Binki (the youth group director who ran the Kids' Night Out), 

"WHAT?!  Who is Binki?"

"Mrs. Tietlebaum, Ben," I said.  "You know, the woman who was in charge tonight.  Her name is Binki Tietlebaum."

"Oh.  Well, I call her Tietlebaum.  To me she's just Tietlebaum."

And don't forget:  "No one messes with Little Crockie."  

Coming soon:  Gustatory gleanings from the I-81 corridor and some mighty strange western VA sights.  

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margaret said...

Little Crockie?! Explain. Affiliated, really? Oh, and I'm definitely going to be giggling about Tietlebaum for days.