Thursday, March 4, 2010

What I Can't Say

Dear Residents of Rockbridge County-

Is your school in danger of being closed? Are your kids' art/music/gym classes going to be cancelled next year? Class sizes ballooning? Is your school going to run without a principal? Is bus service going to be cut? That stinks. Your kids deserve so much better.

But is it really the school board or county supervisors' fault? Who controls education funding around here?

The state legislature.

Did you vote for a Republican? Do you know what their voting record on education funding is? No? Maybe you should check.

"Values" are all well and good, but maybe next time you should check to see if that Christian Republican you're voting for values your kid's education as much as you do.

If you fail to do your research and vote for people who cannot be relied upon to help you and your children, you get what you deserve.

You chose these men and you should've seen this coming. Don't blame the school board, the superintendent or the families who pull their kids from your local schools. We are not the ones who are 'robbing' you of much needed education dollars.

Look to Richmond. Look at voting records. Demand change.

And for God's sake, vote for a Democrat already.

Hippie Jewish Freak Love,

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