Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Sometimes you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right."

So far, this Sunday morning has been full of lovely surprises...

... a handful of young men in a corner of the coffee shop playing wistful gypsy-esque violin. Perfect soundtrack for a very grey rainy morning.

... Caitlin's classmate, Kyle, catching a ride across town with us, and telling us all about his Buddhist dad. Sounded pretty familiar. Nice to know that her closest Hebrew school buddy is having such a similar upbringing.

... cleaning out the blog and discovering a post Ben dictated over a year ago, about Manju, our cook in Varanassi:

Dear Friends,

I hope you like this post about Manju. She speaks Hindi so I can't understand her very much but sometimes she speaks English, so I can understand her sort of. She teaches me Hindi, but I don't know why! Her saris are very pretty. She cooks us delicious food!

I'm itching for another trip - DC, New York, Brazil, Goa, Varanassi and Switzerland top the list right now. But the children informed me (on our last road trip) that they do not like to travel and would really rather just stay at home all of the time. (Irony anyone?) So between that very emphatic opinion and a husband who needs to single-minded-ly dissertate for the next month of so, we must stay put. (Counting the days til Seattle though!)

Until then, I'll console my self with pictures of warmer days and sunnier places, and encourage you to do the same. Also, brigadeiros will help! (I met some Brazilian exchange students yesterday who suggested a few excellent tweaks to the recipe linked above - more chocolate, less butter, and eating it all straight out of the pot instead of waiting for it to cool... o YEA.)

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ehirunner said...

Is not "Sometimes." Is "Once in a while..." I ain't often right, but I've never been wrong, seldom turns out like it does in the song.

Yo soy brigadeiro.

I will be sure to call you when I am in Varanasi to let you know it is not worth missing.

Yours truly
Christian Peanutbutter Haskett