Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Mr Nag Champa polished off 35 big years yesterday, and in damn fine form.  He originally hoped to celebrate in Dharamsala, including a go at open mic night in McLoed Ganj, but somehow managed to make due with Amritsar.

The big day started with a morning train in from Chandigar.  Mr. NC made friends with some khalsa sikhs, 
serenaded all and sundry on the platform 
and then enjoyed a ride filled with reading to Ben, writing poetry and playing Mancala.  Upon arrival Mr. NC got his first birthday surprise, being met on the platform by 3 hotel guys who managed porters and whisked us away to one of the loveliest hotels we've ever, ever, seen.  

Bowled over by the hotel (see the next post) Mr. NC was given a cake by the GM, complete with personalized felicitations in chocolate.  
After a dip in the pool and a late lunch we headed out to the India-Pakistan border to witness hundreds celebrating Chris's birthday/the border closing ceremony
We passed more revelers on the way home.

And then wrapped up with a very late (and only marginally cranky) dinner back at the hotel.  We did the traditional Respection of the 35 Year Old along with a Year in Review and Hopes and Goals for the coming year.  

Can't imagine how we'll top this one!


margaret said...

oh maggie dear, it just occurred to me yesterday (as i was thinking lovingly of my old brother on his special day) that you will be the only nag champion not to celebrate a birthday in india this year. what do you have to say about this?

Maggie said...

Honestly, I feel 100% absolutely totally completely fine about not celebrating my birthday here! Perhaps I can ring in 34 during our sisters' weekend instead? Or at the beach? Or even just in my own backyard in AMERICA!

Can't wait to get home...