Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On the road

Just a quickie to let everyone know we survived the big Pune Purge and made it safely to Delhi. We still have way too much stuff but as with many things in this wild and wooly country, that is a problem that can be easily solved by throwing more money at it.

We had a dynamite pucca Maharashtrian breakfast at our landlords', including 3 kinds of homemade chillies and pickles. (Under normal circumstances we avoid such condiments like the plague because they tend to resemble nothing so much as mini Chernobyls happening in your mouth.) But everything was delish and a welcome break from the dregs of our cereal collection. We said goodbye to all and sundry, including the huge Gunpati. (Chris can explain our family's new affinity for the big elephant god, but let me assure you, we loveloveLOVE him.)

Plane to Delhi, blah blah blah. Happily ensconsed in the Fulbright House (where men are building a huge tent out on the lawn as I write, at 10:20pm), with tummies full of diner food, and heads ready to be filled with conference stuff and Delhi sights.

On tap tomorrow: Chris will confer while the kids and I visit a gurdwara, Gandhi Smriti, Khan Market (YUM), and maybe the National Museum. (The museum isn't a maybe, just maybe not crammed into an already busy day... now that I look at the website I think we'll give it it's own day - Faberge eggs and Ladakh photos, plus the standard collection - o my.)

And looking a bit further ahead, we're hoping to see more Delhi spots and the Taj Mahal (we're here til the 7th) before moving north through Chandigar, Amritsar and Dharamsala on our way to Ladakh. Plenty of vacation posts to come!

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