Saturday, June 13, 2009


Another quick update...

We are in Ladakh, taking a few days in Leh to acclimatize and re-stock before heading up to Likir for the next 2 months. Our mini vacation was full of all sorts of excitement - everything from food poisoning to making new friends at train stations to running into old friends in the most unexpected places to a spin through the most heavily fortified airport I've ever seen. Pictures are forthcoming, but that will have to wait for a more organized internet cafe visit.

Leh is wonderful. Small and right now very peaceful as the tourist season hasn't quite started yet and the whole town is under a 'bund' (strike) at the behest of a local political organization. The weather is divine - highs only in the 60s, crystal blue skies, but with snow showers up on the high peaks - really cool to watch. We're holed up in a groovy little guest house tucked back away from the main road, and having fun playing with the 2 little boys who live there. Ben and Caitlin are already picking up some rudimentary Ladakhi.

Looking forward to the next 2 months!


Grandpa George said...

Welcome to Ladakh!!!

What is prospect of internet access in Leh and Likir these days?

ehirunner said...

Likir internet access is happening, but slower than all heck. Better in Leh---watch for updates in ~6 days.