Saturday, June 6, 2009


We're poking around a bit, doing some touristy things in Delhi while Chris attends the Fulbright-Nehru Scholars conference.   The National Museum was a big hit, thanks to the audio-guide, as was the Bangla Sahib Gurdwara, but both my sense of propriety (no photos of folks practicing their religions) and my stinginess (no way I'll pay $12 to use my camera) kept me from providing you with photos of either.  

The Gandhi Smriti was also a winner, especially for the multi-media interactive displays.  The museum is packed full of information about Gandhi's life and work, but unfortunately it is not presented in such a way that one can really absorb much of it.  Perhaps without a 5 year old or hordes of loud tourists you could glean more from it.  Nonetheless, we really enjoyed
 interacting with all the exhibits and took away at least a very basic overview of Gandhi's major work.   Plus, it all just looked so darn cool.  

The Martyr's Path, tracing the final steps of Gandhi's life was especially moving.  We walked from his home toward the prayer hall along with a large group of Indian tourists, mostly older women, many of them widows (I'm guessing, based on their shaved heads), and from a rural area (another guess, based on the wrap of their saris).  It was particularly touching to see them bow down and touch the ground where he was killed and take it as a blessing.  (Exactly as Hindus do when visiting a temple or guru.)

The path was also lined with many of Gandhi's famous quotes, including this one, which really resonated with me.
Finally, we're rustlin up some good grub.  Two days ago it was Big Chill for lunch and insanely fabulous shakes (and drawing, and jamming out to Tracy Chapman), yesterday 'tea' at a very swank hotel (goat-poop coffee anyone?), a revolving restaurant, and tonight dinner at the US Embassy restaurant.  

I'm going to leave it to Chris to blog about the conference and nitty-gritty of preparing Indian scholars for life in the US.  

Tomorrow we leave bright and early for Chandigar!

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margaret said...

Please don't tell him I said so, but Ben is so very Christian Haskett in that video.
That museum sounds wonderful. I enjoyed that quote too!
I don't know where you're headed next so I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. And sad that I didn't win the "pick where we go on our way to Ladakh" contest.