Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We Have A Winner!

Actually, we have 2.

Way back when we put out a call for suggestions of places to visit on our pre-Ladakh vacation.  The stateside representative of Team MH has the glorious distinction of being our second Smells Like Nag Champa contest winner!  She suggested we go to the Punjab and that is precisely where we have gone.  Rock on Team MH!

And our first contest, waaaaay back in Varanasi was won by our most frequent visitor, Grampy.  He knew that bhang was dope and threw in a vintage overseas PhD research story for extra credit.  Nice work Grampinator.

I don't think we promised prizes for the vacation contest, but maybe I'll round up some sweet Punjabi shoes so MH and Raisin can match.  And as for my pops, he was promised some Nag Champa soap, but I doubt that smelling like a hippie is his thing...  how about unlimited yak butter tea when we see you in a few weeks?  

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