Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Look to the right...

Did you spot it?  The countdown til our return to America?  We've got the plane tickets and canNOT wait to be back in the motherland.  

And for my money, you couldn't pick a much better way to spend roughly 68 days than hanging out in the Himalayas.  Countdown til Ladakh is roughly 10 days, and til leaving Pune, roughly 10 hours.  (HELP.)

Can't wait to see you all!!!

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Grandpa George said...

I know you will love Ladakh, Likir, the novice monks and the older monks. They are so joyful.

Then there is the scenery. Ladakh is the most striking place I've ever seen. Peaks ranging from about 12,000 feet to about 18,000; snow at the caps even in June and July--very cool mornings, perhaps like October in Wisconsin.

Leh may be a little more developed now, but I think it will still be the most unusual city you've ever seen. I hope Dawa and wife and kids are still there.