Thursday, April 22, 2010

Phlox stolonifera/subulata

Today, another plant I had never (knowingly?) met until coming to The South. Lexington is just brimming with phlox, especially the older, stately homes in town. I think we have both Creeping Phlox (P. stolonifer) and Moss Phlox (P. subulata).

These white guys live around the corner from my house and are my nominee for Creeping Phlox.

And these pinky-purple guys adorn my pond - Moss Phlox, I think. (It really is a challenge to identify particular species of plants, or worse, cultivars, using only photos and Google. Anyone have a good plant ID scheme to share?)

There are roughly 60 species of phlox, and all but one are native to North America. The oddball is native to Siberia, of all places.

And speaking of oddballs, there is a Star Trek character named Dr. Phlox. He is (was?) Chief Medical Officer of the Enterprise, and is Denobulan. He has 3 wives, 5 children, and like all Denobulans, only needs 6 days of sleep each year. By the looks of him the good Dr. Phlox seems like a right jolly fellow too, even if he isn't getting enough sleep.

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Sensory Overload said...

Phlox is one of my favorites to photograph early morning when there is dew on the petals. A very simple flower that yields a bounty of beauty in my opinion.

Thanks for the share. :)