Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy 100th Post to Us!

One of the benefits of being the oldest sibling, married to another oldest sibling is that you get to hang out with young, hip, tech-savvy kids far longer than you would on your own.  Hence, my excellent littlest sister in law has spent the last week here in Varanasi with me showering us with all sorts of technological wonderfulness (I have Facebook, finally!).  And thanks to her, I now know that this is our 100th post.  Woo-Woo!

Hard to believe we've been away this long, or that we've kept up the blog so well.  Thanks to all who are still reading, and especially commenting.  We enjoy writing and hope you all still enjoy keeping up with us as we wander.  

The next 100 posts should see us through our time in Pune, and then perhaps we'll celebrate the 200th post in Ladahk!

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