Sunday, January 18, 2009

More on The Visitors

Braver than brave, mere saus aur mere nanud spent a week with us in Varanasi.  We did pretty much every single touristy thing one can do here, including taking our first boat trip on the Ganga.  Can't believe we waited so long to do it, but I'm glad we got to share the experience with Ginny and Susannah. Mark/Rajesh, one of the beloved Uncles from Open Hand moonlights as a boatman so we were extra-lucky to have him at the helm.  After the boat ride we hiked up from the Ganga to one of our favorite restaurants, Lotus Lounge.  We wandered in the galis, got overwhelmed by the noise, crowds and lights of Godoulia and walked the ghats.Crossed the pontoon bridge to Ramnagar Fort and were wowed by the results of Susannah's weight lifting regieme!
Just a day behind Ginny and Sus another notable arrived in town so toward the end of the week we went up to Sarnath to see him.  Had lunch with a bunch of Chris's old friends/teachers/students from Ladahk and Kerela and explored the ruins of the original Deer Park.  There were also dance parties, fashion shows, shopping and eating out that was both delicious and hilarious.  

But beyond all the activities I think I speak for all of the SLNC crew when I say that just having G and S here was the very best thing.  We've all been homesick in our own way and in our own time and having beloved grandma/mom/sister/aunt here with us for a week was wonderful balm for us lonely gauras in India.  

Who's next?  Meema?  dHaps?  Brooklyn Peeps?  Paul?  You know you want to!  The welcome mat is out for any and all of you out there in blog-reading-land.  Can't wait to see Grampy in t-minus 3 weeks and counting!

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