Sunday, January 18, 2009

Turning Back the Clock, Another Visitor

Back in November, my dad came to visit.  Happily he's talked the UW Ag School into starting a big program in India so he can have an excellent excuse for visiting us every 2 months or so.  (Good planning Dad!)  Not so happily, I got super sick shortly after he arrived.  There are next to no pictures of his visit (above is the 1 good one, out of 5), and there was not a lot in the way of fun exciting visitor stuff happening.  Mostly, he just showed up and was a dad.  Took care of the kids while I puked and passed out.  Bought them new clothes.  Helped Chris not go crazy.  Normal dad stuff, but in the middle of the all-time-worst-ever intestinal awfulness I have ever experienced it was super-human.  Divine.  

He's coming back in a few weeks, probably in the midst of our move to Pune, but we're looking forward to seeing him all the same.  And as crazy as moving in India may turn out to be, I am confident it can't be much worse than the awful awfulness I was gripped by the last time he was here.  Can't wait!


MeeMa said...

Gone but not forgotten...NICE!

wickedmama said...

do you think i could get a job w/ uw ag department so i can get my trip paid?
miss you-