Thursday, January 22, 2009

New SLNC series: wth = meh = absolutely standard [I]

This morning I went running in a local park, first time in a long time. The details are pitiable, but here's the wth=meh=absolutely standard:
There were five or six dudes doing something like yoga on the grass on blankets. Since its about 60 out, they are wearing jackets and have scarves tied around their heads. As I ran by, they were all up on hands and knees, roaring. Like "AAAAAUUUUUUURRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH."
absolutely standard


margaret said...

ujaahi breath? or maybe it was "let's scare away that big under-clothed white guy before he ruins everything" pose?

ehirunner said...

The seasons don't fear the reaper, nor do the wind and the snow and the rain. We could be like they are [come on baby] Don't fear the reaper [take my hand].

I will not let middle aged lion wanna-be's scare me out of the public park.

I ran in the 'stadium' today: much longer oval, no brick paving, 1/10th the population = much less collision.