Tuesday, March 24, 2009

He (was) BAAAAACK!

Everyone's favorite world traveller, Grampy, just spent roughly a week in Pune. (True to his globe trotting nature he had to leave in the middle and go up to Chandigar for a day to hang out with agriculturalists - what can you do?)

Highlights from his visits:

Visiting Ohel David Synagogue, (scroll down on the link), home to the Pune Bene Yisroel. The synagogue is reportedly the largest in Asia, outside of Israel. The building everyone is standing in front of below is the tomb of David Sassoon, a Mumbai businessman and Jewish leader of the last century.
This building is also part of the synagogue complex - perhaps once the mikvah, now, who knows?
The formation of the Pune Bharaht Scouts "Unlce" Fan Club. Third from the left is Niranyen, the Fan Club's undisputed leader who is now my shadow at scouts, asking me SO many questions and already pining for "Uncle". (Ben - not so thrilled to have to share his Grandpa.)

We hit the park, and the little shops outside a couple of times. Enjoyable, but mainly remarkable for the fact that I'm actually in a picture! And for the discovery of Cad(B) Thick Shakes. (A subject which merits its own post, I think...)
Eating donuts at "Jujubees" in honor of Grandpa George, fellow donut guru-grandpa!

Also ranking high on the "Fun Stuff We Did With Grampy" (but didn't photograph) was the trip to the Pune Zoo/Snake Park, eating LOTS of yummy food at fun places, and going to swimming lessons. (Grandpas can be counted on to spring for an autorickshaw - Moms can't.) Best of all was simply having lots of 'normal' hanging out time with Grampy - playing games, reading books and the like. So good to have him here - looking forward to the next visit in May!

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Grandpa George said...

Holy Cow!!! Donuts and milk shakes! That looks great. Hi Grampy. Looking forward to an October grand get-together in Madison. (Forgot to tell you that Ginny and I are planning a western trip next Fall, to end up in Madison about the time of the MCCB arrivals.

But, in the meantime, enjoy Indian culture. It all looks like great fun and great education.