Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Let's Have and Interview"

(this is Chris's idea, we'll see where we wind up)

C: So, where'd you learn to spell?
M: Uum, nowere rilly. I muuved btween 2nd and 3nd grayd and Michegin is on a difurnt schedull than Westcomsin sew not sew much speling fohr me. Or cursive. Too bad I wuzn't hohmskuuled.

C: So what's the best part about living in India? For you?
M: I have met some wonderful people here - Stoltzfus-ians, Ahmeds, just to name a few families. I also love the food and I hate to be crass, but I like buying stuff for really cheap! And of course there are fantastically interesting places to see and things to do... like the ghats in Benares.

C: Not that big a deal that you get to spend more time with your husband?
M: Uhh, yea, that's good too. Actually, I've been thinking lately that our family is happier now, here, and more fully functional than we've been in a long time, maybe ever.

C: Maybe we should move to Afghanistan next!
M: Nope, sorry. Not such a cool place for us Hebes to hang out.

C: Do you think if I asked a particularly open ended question you could keep typing for the entire time it takes me to drive up around the corner to buy a Cad-B Thick Shake and bring it back?
M: Bring it on!

C: Do you think you could type for as long as it takes me to drink one myself?
M: Not if I kill you first. I need some Cad-B lovin'.

C: Bye!

C: (from the hallway) What are you going to do while I'm gone?
M: Write another post about poverty in India, of course.

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Grandpa George said...

As Maslow said, lower level needs come first--then, having been met, they can lead to self-actualization.

Bring on the donuts and milk shakes--GG's path to fulfillment.