Friday, March 6, 2009


In Varanasi we had Open Hand and now, in Pune, Mocha.  While no coffee shop will ever replace our beloved Open Hand (Hi ChunWi, Karis, Mark and all the Uncles!  We miss you TONS.), my new favorite hangout deserves at least a little blog love. 

To begin with - excellent coffee, including lattes and imported coffee.  Food choices ranging from breakfast to panninis and wraps to poutaine.  And then there's dessert...  

... so many deep dark chocolate choices, and if you're lucky, they come with sticks.  (?!!?)

Inside it is all jewel tones and squishy couches and cushions.  
Outside it looks a bit like weathered Morocco (but I wouldn't really know) complete with hookahs.  (I'm holding the line against hookahs, no matter what the cool Pune kids say.  11am is NOT hookah time!)  

Free wi-fi clinches the deal. Now if only the waiters would get about 100% sweeter and take an interest in wrestling with Ben...

Mocha does hold the dubious honor of having the most vexing bathroom I've yet to find in India.  The ladies room has a Western toilet, but with no toilet seat.  Toilets are great, squat toilets I can deal with, but really, the hybrid thing just doesn't work for me.  I just want to pee, not have a mini quad workout!

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