Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Animals Animals

Tio, you are our most favorite dog and of course we miss you. However, we would like you to know we are not without animal companions, both domestic and wild..
This is Alushka, the daytime dog. She now responds better to Caitlin than she does to Dr. Maurya, and has taken to camping out at the top of the stairs, guarding our door specifically.

These horses and the goat visited our street a few days ago, of their own accord. Our neighbor across the street laughed at me for photographing them, but how often do goats show up in the street in Eagle Heights?
Most frequently we see cows but usually only one at a time on our street. There are are LOTS of them on the bigger roads and depending on what sort of vehicle we're travelling in, they're more or less intimidating. The cows are always quite mellow, but it is a bit unnerving to be hurtling toward a bull at roughly 30mph on the back of a cycle rickshaw. Goats are also pretty common, and in our neighborhood we have a pretty decent pig population. The pigs make me a bit nervous but I'm working up the nerve to get close enough to photograph one. Also many stray dogs, which we give a VERY wide berth.

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