Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're Here!

We made it! Blogging now from an internet cafe in Conaught Place, in Delhi. The connection is slow, Blogger is slower and the letter between J and L doesn't function on this computer, so I fear this will be a limited blogging session... I'll do a general recap here and then if possible, pictures in another post. (And please forgive what I'm sure will be a somewhat stragnely worded post, as I try to avoid using the letter between J and L!)

Entirely due to the help and benevolence of my mother, the children and I made it out of Chicago, what seems like a lifetime ago. I finally caught the cold that the children had in HI/Seattle and was nigh unto zombified by the time we arrived in Chicago - too many red-eyes and way too much mucous in my head. Happily my mom arrived just in time to watch the children while I hit the O'Hare Urgent Care Clinic. After a trial getting into the airport (TSA, I hate you!) I completely fell apart in front of the very patient Dr. Ahrens and Simone. (Tip: The area between Terminals 1 and 2 in O'Hare is a veritable heaven on earth, between the children's play area, the family bathrooms and the infinitely patient Dr. Ahrens.) The patched me up physically and emotionally, armed me with prescriptions and sent me on my way.

Chicago to London was wretched (another red-eye), but the Air India flight from London to Delhi was wonderful. Brand new, luxe plane, and only 1/4 full. I relinquished all pretenses of being a reasonable parent and let the children watch as many movies as the could during the 8.5 hr flight. (3, in case you're curious, including Shrec 3 - yes, again Uncle Dan and Jen!)

I was cursed in Hindi inside of our first 30 min in India (a "helpful" man whom I repeatedly tried to brush off bristled when he was given no money for the "help" I didn't want or need), but that really has been the worst of it. Chris was waiting outside, with an AC car. We were whisked to our very posh hotel (thanks Dad!) and promptly fell asleep.

Day 1 started with a leisurely first meal of the day in an American diner more authentic than any diner I've been in the US, and then an adventure to Pahar Ganj (spelling, Chris?), the backpacker ghetto. We dropped off our laundry, tonsorial attention was given to the boys, I bought some pants and we all revelled in the sights, sounds and smells of India.

Upon returning to the hotel I crashed while Chris and the children went swimming, ate meals and continued on with business as usual. Ben pooped out at 5:30 with me and rumor has it that Caitlin and Chris had 2 dinners, the second at McDonals (no beef, but no idea how local it is Jen!).

15.5hrs of sleep and a hot shower later life is good. We're off on another day of exploring and shopping.

Chris and Ben have returned so the picture post will have to wait.

Love to all!


Susannah said...

Props to you for only breaking down once and for creating a post without k! Much love to all!

Grandma Ginny said...

Hooray! So good to have you back in the blogosphere.

wickedmama said...

we want to come, we want to come!
so glad you are there safe and sound-
we will read w/ the boys every few days to keep up with your adventure!

we were at the farm w/ lots and lots of squash and thinking of you all!

alicia and family