Monday, September 29, 2008

In the last twenty four hours...

...I saw two mongooses. Mongoose = actually plain old Indian weasel. No pictures, sorry, they are fast on the feet. I tried saying "Rikki-tikki-tavi, ch ch ch!" but to no avail. Must start using film camera, much quicker on the draw.
...I was summarily issued off a train for ticketless travel. I then carried my 97,000 lbs of luggage from 1 platform to another and then the full length of, like, i don't know, 9 trains and over the himalayas until I found coach B2 and my seat, which was occupied by an infirm grandmother. I love negotiating for a seat in the dark.
...I found myself coated in a sweat and dirt film.
...I spoke to Maggie by phone Allahabad-Chicago, and she sounded a tad under the weather (um, actually kinda miserable)
...I paid 5 dollars for 17 pieces of laundry to be professionally washed dried folded and returned w/in 7 hours.
...I took a picture of my friend Mike K who went from Fuzzy Muppet to Cue Ball while I blogged. Sorry, camera is in room.
ok tata bye bye for now


Grandma Ginny said...

Eagerly seeking confirmation that Maggie, Caitlin and Ben have arrived. Hope Maggie is feeling better. Have tried to imagine flying across three continents with a sinus infection...horrors.

margaret said...

eagerly awaiting the news of the arrival of m, c, and b...and it looks like gg and i are together on this one.