Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hawaii Recap, pt 1

The wireless at Val's disappeared after our first day, and so too my blog.  Sorry to leave you all hanging right off the bat.  We were doing about 14 amazing things at once, non-stop, so there really is a lot to tell, but instead of writing a blow by blow we'll have a recap in pictures.  

First, Gordito.  Found at a gas station in Waimea, taken home by Val, named by me.  He rocks.  He also has fleas and other unsavory associates, so he has a box on the lanai and awaits a good home.  

Another denizen of the lanai...  (the gecko, not my kid).

World's most delicious avocado (picked in Val's yard), eaten on the rim of Kilauea .

All of us, almost.  That big white plume above Caitlin's head is sulfur dioxide gas.  More volcano info can be found HERE.  

Hiking down to the Kilauea I'ki  crater, looking over to Kilauea.

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