Thursday, September 18, 2008

303 Forever

This move has been so long in the coming that I still have trouble believing that we've actually done it.  Packed all the stuff, cleaned out the stuff and finally moved out of our beloved 303.  Thanks to super-star neighbors who watched Ben and Caitlin while Chris and I worked, the packing went quickly.  And thanks to more super star friends who pitched in with cleaning and hauling our belongings around.  All in all it was a pretty painless and minimally stressful process!  But without the help of so many people I'm certain we'd be in really rough shape, so huge a huge thank-you to everyone who helped out during this move!  (Hoping Chris has pictures of the storage space...  a sight which must be seen to be believed)

I'm also so grateful to our good friends and neighbors who moved out before we did.  We felt like old pros this time around, thanks to all we learned from you guys!  And now that we're out the original 303 Posse goes global.  

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