Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Journey Begins

We're off!  

Moving day came and went uneventfully, if tearfully.  Morning was spent at the GP's doing last minute packing and re-packing and playing some Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  (Come on, doesn't everyone play Pin the Tail one the Donkey before they leave for a massive trip?)  

World's Greatest Babysitter Katie came by to say goodbye and gracefully posed for Ben, World's Greatest Pig Nose Photographer.  

Then the four of us set out for O'Hare.  Dropped 5 enormous suitcases with a very accommodating employee of a very humongous international corporation who bent a handful of big-league rules (laws?) for us.  Hooray for stickin' it to The Man!  I'm not a terrorist and there is no sense in making us pay a gazillion dollars to lug all our India gear to Hawaii and back.  

Lots of hugs goodbye for Chris, whom we will reunite with in Delhi in about 2 weeks.  Still feels surreal to think that we'll be in Delhi in 2 weeks...

O'Hare was just about as unpleasant as usual, but we did partake of every parent's O'Hare salvation, the in-house playground.  

The flight to Seattle was uneventful and we arrived a bit early.  Uncle Dan met us, hauled our gear and took us home to meet Bailey the Dog.  Truly, this is an excellent dog.  Sweet, mellow and so very good with children.  Jen and Dan got very lucky in finding this guy!  

We stayed up waaaaaaay past our bedtimes, crashed in UD &J's family room and slept like logs for.....  about 6 hours.  Awesome.  

Our first full day on the road holds a bit of shopping, a lot of quality time with BtD, and hopping a plane to Hawaii in the afternoon!  Stay tuned for a report from Hilo....

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