Saturday, September 27, 2008

A reminder of home...?

So, I'm wandering about this morning turning down rides from rickshaw-wallas and thinking about places to rent a house or some sort of shack for us to sleep in, when I come across a photo opportunity too good to pass up. It's difficult to imagine what marketing block these guys are trying to appeal to...unless the King really is branching out into dosa and idli and so on.


Lynch Family said...

When I was living in a rural area in Zimbabwe (keep in mind this was 1994) there was a local take-away run by an elderly couple who advertised their food as "just like McDonalds." They served sadza (corn mush) covered with "french fries" (fried potatoes) and a handful of ketchup packets (sorry, "tomato sauce," former British Colony and all) from lord-knows where.

Frankly I'll take "ZimDonalds" any day. Eat local--wherever you are!

Erinsson said...

funny, this looks quite like a street in my neighborhood. and this is margaret, not erinsson.