Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hawaii Recap, pt 2

"This is so awesome!"

Another look at the activity in Kilauea.
Eating ginger blossoms on the way down to Kilauea I'ki.  (Ginger leaves also make good t.p. in a pinch.  Just FYI.)
At night the plume on Kilauea glows red.  The picture isn't much to look at (try photographing glowing smoke sometime!), but being there has got to be one of the most spectacular experiences of my life.  It was seriously cold (40s) and overhead there were more stars than I've seen anywhere, even over 14,000ft in the Rockies.   


Susannah said...

hooray! glad to have you back. what's the word from delhi?

hug to you, high five to caitie, snort and snuff to ben,
aunt shu

ehirunner said...

Whoever is in charge of India content for this thing should be fired. WTH? Its all about Hawaii. If I don't see some South Asian stuff soon I want my money back.