Friday, September 26, 2008

Wrapping up Hawaii

The best way to leave the Big Island?

1.  Cut open a Dragon Fruit

2.  Eat tons of it, while photographing yourself.
3.  Ignore all skeptical too-cool 12 year olds.  Call them Bro-seph.  Eat more Dragon Fruit.
4.  Engage with the most stunning beach with as many senses as possible.
5.  Play in the waves with people you love until the sun sets.
6.  Look for the green flash, take a fabulous outdoor shower, get your airplane clothes on at the beach, chow a burrito and hug goodbyes in the rain.  (And finally just put away the camera and soak it all in, knowing you'll never be able to capture all the happiness and wonder of the place.)

7.  Start making plans to come back on the way home from India.  (Chris, you get to come along this time!)

1 comment:

margaret said...

Your joy is coming through loud and clear, Maggie. I love this post.