Sunday, September 28, 2008

T- 24 hours (give or take)

We have a house!  Way to go, spouseperson.  

Just about 24 hours until the children and I arrive in India.  Between now and then we need to...
1.  Cancel the US cell phone. (You want to call me?  Do it quick!)
2.  Take our malaria meds.
3.  Have some fun with Meema.
4.  Hit the O'Hare urgent care clinic do deal with my probable sinus infection (or whatever nasty thing has set up shop in my head.)

Good times! 


margaret said...

I think I will not call you since it sounds like you've got big stuff going on. Sending wishes your way for smooth travels and a cleared-up head. Team Margaret Haskett goes global!


Valerie said...

Oh Maggie...I have the head cold too! I can only imagine traveling with it.
Good thing you came to HI first to get an idea of what your yard will be like. 90 degrees with palms and papayas...I think you and the kiddos will like it! Don't forget to eat your papayas sprinkled with lime juice. Happy, safe travels.