Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Bit of an Explanation

A few comments and the why's and wherefore's of this blog...

1. We're going to India and instead of trying to keep up with everyone via email (or even snail mail) we figured a blog was the best way to go. Pictures, updates, etc - all in one place. Email and real mail are of course still VERY much welcome - we'll miss you guys and voices from home will certainly help. Contact info will be disseminated once we have it.

2. The title perhaps warrants a bit of explanation itself. Chris gets all the credit, but he was quick to point out that the cultural reference may be lost on folks under 14 or over 40. (I'm willing to bet there are those of you better than 40 that get it...) But for those who are lost, the grunge movement more or less blew up with a song by Nirvana called "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Wikipedia says, "the song was dubbed an "anthem for apathetic kids" of Generation X." Have a listen...

India is pretty much synonymous with incense, and Nag Champa is the crown princess of incense, at least by our reckoning. I bought a box at The Farm and stashed it in my knitting bag for the rest of the vacation (more about all that to come soon!) and wound up with lovely-smelling everything. So nice. Have a look at the Nag Champa website or the Wikipedia page. We looooooove it.

3. Finally the clock on the right will faithfully provide you with current India time. One time zone for the whole darn country. Just last night I was telling Chris how I really seem to be happier and more productive if I'm doing whatever seems best whenever it seems best, without being bound to externally imposed constraints. Living in a country where the sun could easily rise at 3am or set at 3pm seems like good deal to me - the absurdity of "breakfast time" is foregrounded nicely. I'm hoping to add an India population clock and a currency converter too.

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