Friday, September 26, 2008

In case you are as dumb as me

My friend used to tell me I was having the problems I was having so I could beat them and then help someone else to do the same. This is a poor answer because it is an instant infinite regression, but ok, I'm paying it forward.

For two days I have been very gently beating my head on the wall b/c I couldn't get my phone to charge. I tried every outlet in the place, with two different chargers. One had an indicator that was clearly on. The same charger had worked an hour before at the shop. In the meantime, most of my contact info is in the phone and the phone has about 1 bar of battery left, and then none, and its NOT CHARGING, and I'm furious and in tears (not really, just a little) and frustrated, and I hate being frustrated, and I just want to give Fulbright their money back, kick a kitten, and go back home to a job at Union Cab. I took the phone back to the shop today, wise enough after 2378 of these types of episodes not to march in and belligerently demand that they admit their fault, beg my forgiveness, and make it RIGHT and in about 3 seconds the guy explains that if you have the charger plugged into the power conduit

it works perfectly well every time, but if you plug the charger into the headphone jack

it will never, ever work. The co-worker was nice enough to just smile when the dude told him what I'd done, and my Hindi wasn't good enough to convey to the rickshaw-walla how stupid I was. He may not have been used to self-deprecation.


Lynch Family said...

This reminds me of the classic cd tray story--when cd trays were first available on computers, many were used for cup holders.

I often curse at technology and then realize . . . I haven't turned it on!

It is all part of the adventure!

Valerie said...

The entire family was laughing over this one Chris!
When jet lagged and many, many things on one's mind, the simple becomes impossible for a brief time. Be thankful you didn't have to register your car and get a driver's license under these conditions. (M and I did-it took over two weeks to complete the process)