Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just in Case

In preparation for the move Chris and I made lots of lists. Lists of tasks to be accomplished, lists of things to pack and store here, lists of things to pack and take to India, and a list of things to buy.

The "things to buy" list has been mostly my domain and in executing it I realize I am deeply infected with some sort of strange American Consumerist Paranoia. I go into any store with a specific item in mind, and am seized with a burning desire to buy, in bulk, many MANY other things - just in case.

In Walgreens: "Maybe I should buy extra toothbrushes for everyone, just in case. And notebook paper. And pens and chap-stick. "
In REI: "Oh hey, these are excellent hiking socks, and look! Pre-made first aid kids. Oh, and Keen sandals for the whole family. Maybe I should buy some, just in case."
And let's not even go into what was running through my head in Target.

What is it with me? I'm moving to a country that is home to over a BILLION people and somehow I worry that there won't be toothbrushes?!?! Quite subconsciously I have internalized the notion that American stores are the one and only source of all the things that I will need to make my life livable. This is ridiculous!

Certainly there are things that are better (only?) purchased here, before we leave. But toothbrushes? And am I really not capable of making my own first aid kit?

Its been interesting to be snapped into focus about consumption and assumptions...

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margaret said...

is that what those guys in the picture are for? to carry all your toothbrushes and stuff around in a little house?

hooray for a new blog! hooray for regular updates on my favorite soon-to-be-overseas people from one of my all time favorite writers! hooray for visas and plane tickets!

big hugs,
m & l & e