Friday, September 12, 2008

In Which I Praise My Husband

Lest you think I have overlooked the many wonderful contributions of my husband (and who would dare think such a thing?!), I present an enumeration of his accomplishments of late...

1.  Gave me a freakin huge quantity of Ferrero Rocher candies.  (Show up at our garage sale and I might give you one.  Two if you show up in the rain...)
2.  Looked at all of the pictures Caitlin took today so I could talk to Amanda.  Continued looking at her pictures on the way to dinner so that I would not go nuts/blind from trying to see them in the car, on the puny display screen of her camera.
3.  Moved a very full van load of stuff to our storage space.
4.  Retrieved for me the letter of affiliation necessary for our visas.
5.  Cooked both breakfast and lunch for the children while I was working on visa applications.  (Yes, it took that long.  No, not because I'm incompetent.  You try making sense of Travisa Outsourcing.)
6.  Before breakfast, went to the store to buy me yogurt so that I might have my favorite breakfast on my birthday.  (Plain yogurt + Hemp Plus Granola = manna from heaven, with more chewing.)
7.  Also bought croissants so that I might have a Delicious Snack while working of visa applications.  
8.  Got out of his cranky no-fun-havin' funk with a minimum of fall-de-rall.
9.  Removed the van seats from the van.
10.  Replaced the van seats.
11.  Walked Ben around the Capitol when he got fussy at dessert.
12.  Schlepped to Walgreens in the rain for last minute garage sale supplies

and for the baker's dozen of today's Excellent Husband Acheivements...

13.  Faithfully lay on the floor beside the couch while I blogged.  

How lucky can a girl get?  

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