Friday, September 5, 2008

The $41K Question

So right now you are all asking, "When are you leaving?", the most natural question in the world. And I tell you the truth - we don't really know. Thus prompting you all to ask, "Doesn't that make you crazy?" And I honestly tell you, no, I'm really calm about this.

Really. (But I appreciate you all knowing me well enough to know that this uncertainty holds great potential to drive me stark raving mad.)

Before we can set a firm departure date a number of things must happen. 1. The Indian government must grant Chris a visa. 2. The Indian government must grant the kids and me visas. 3. The U.S. government must release Chris's fellowship funding. 5. We have to buy tickets.

Early indications lead us to believe this will all happen sometime next week allowing us to leave sometime around Sept 17. At least I hope so.

We absolutely have to be out of our apartment by the 17th.

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