Friday, September 26, 2008

Hawaii Recap, pt 4

In which we hit the beaches.  Hard.

After the black sand beach (Val, what is it called?) we set off for Kailua/Kona.  This is what the scenery looked like for parts of the drive, when it wasn't jungle, or lava desert, or straight up tropical paradise.  No other road trip will even come close!


ehirunner said...

I am sorry, but this has got to be the WORST India blog I have ever seen. You should have called it Smells Like Lava and Guava and Kano-Ka'i-leaky-tikki-tava. Where the heck is all the India stuff?

Susannah said...

bruder, shouldn't you be providing the india stuff? we want news!

Valerie said...

Punalu'u Black Sand beach, sacred place to native Hawaiians, famous for its black sand, sea turtles and tour buses.