Sunday, October 26, 2008

Central Institute for Higher Tibetan Studies

or, Where Does Chris Go All Day?
The front gate. (A word about the swastikas. In Sanskrit Swasti means luck, so the swastika is a lucky symbol. The observant will notice that these swastikas are 'backwards' versions of those used by the Nazis, but in reality, it was Hitler who co-opted the image and reversed it. The swastika is also a symbol of settled-ness and permanance so it is quite common to see them on houses and other buildings. I'm not quite to the point where I don't notice them anymore, but it is not nearly so jarring as it was at first.)

A couple of shots on the grounds.

Like the Deer Park, the Tibetan Institute is a bit of an oasis from the rest of India. Peaceful, quiet, not smelly and usually sparsely populated, all of which we like.

Two weeks back they had a sort of school talent show which we visited with Nisha's family. Each of the classes did a traditional Tibetan performance. Neat, but a bit baffling for the non-Tibet-ophiles among us.

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Susannah said...

Maggie, this was a wonderful post, all the parts of it. However, I am dismayed that Caitlin and Ben look so much older than they did in August. I'm also impressed that, in spite of the heat, everyone keeps his/her clothes on. Except Chris. Oh dear.
Did you get absentee ballots? Have you voted? Sorry to let my current preoccupation intrude, but we do need Wisconsin! NC is teetering, leaning Dem, but not a sure thing yet.
And this isn't Susannah, this is Grandma Ginny.