Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For Paul

Our favorite med student wanted to know what Malaria meds we're taking, and luckily, Chris must have had a premenition about just such an enquiry...

The kids are taking Malarone, and I'm taking Doxycycline. Chris isn't taking anything as is his M.O. while living in India. We met an American doctor the other day and he gave us some Varanasi-specific info. In his 3 years working here he's only seen 2 cases of Malaria, and neither he nor his wife, nor 4 kids take meds. But he said that the next few months are the big mosquito time so if one was to take meds, now would be the time to do it. We're tolerating the meds just fine, and since we have about 40% screen coverage in our house I'm feeling good about keeping them going.

This may all change in Pune (but probably not), and in Ladakh we won't need them since we'll be blissfully above the mosquito line!

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