Sunday, October 26, 2008

HGTV in Varanasi, pt 2

I think we've gone a full week now without any sort of major home renovations, so it must be time to show pictures of the inside of the house. Keep in mind that just getting things like a kitchen counter and western toilet have been major undertakings so we haven't gotten around to interior decorating yet... And since these pictures were taken a while ago they don't all represent the current situation.

The Kitchen. The picture was taken before the counter top was installed. It is dark green marble with bright flourescent sky blue grout about an inch thick. Sweet! The stove works beautifully now that I know how not to blow it up, but no oven. Our doctor has invited me up to his house for baking though!
Bedroom 1. Right now we all sleep in here together. We use the A.C. at night not so much to keep cool anymore but rather to drown out the fireworks everyone is lighting in anticipation of Diwali. After Diwali the kids will move into the other bedroom, and Chris's office will merge with our room.
Bedroom 2. For now it is just Chris's office and a sort of storage room. The kids keep their stuff in the big cupboard and have a clothing shelf in there. Today we bought Ganesh statues to match the elephant tapestry the kids bought in Delhi, so they're eagerly anticipating moving in there and decorating.

Living Room/Dining Room. This is all looking a bit more pulled together now, but you get the idea. Just over Chris's left shoulder in the top picture is the door to our balcony which runs along the front of the house, overlooking the street. A nice place to sit, especially in the early morning or evening. The dining table is much more presentable and functional when pulled out from the wall and spruced up with a cloth (which is usually is!).

Entryway/Bathroom complex. Yes, we have too many shoes and no, we don't keep them all there anymore! The door in the foreground opens onto the shower room which now has hot water and no dirt (yay Chris!). The farther door is for the toilet, and I do mean the sort you all are thinking of. Can't tell you how happy this makes me! The front door then leads to another little balcony which overlooks the yard.

Stay tuned for interior decorating posts... there is much to be done and much already in place that deserves its own post.

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