Tuesday, October 14, 2008

HGTV goes to Varanasi, pt. 1

Our house, from the street. That's one of our bedroom windows visible on the second floor, with the big swamp cooler in front of it. (No, we don't use it. Somehow wind blown threw wet hay doesn't seem like a particularly good idea, especially not here.)
A view of our yard. Behind the papaya trees you can see the carpenter building our bed and Dr. M's garage/out-building/servants quarters.

A view of the street from our front door.

And a view of our balcony, which is off the living room.

Looks a lot like Hawaii, huh Val?


Grandma Ginny said...

And now you're beginning your "normal" days? Does Chris set out by bus for Sarnath five days a week? Is Maggie's confidence about managing home and children on her own okay as long as no trains are involved? Gun-Gun and her friends are with you part-time?

Valerie said...

It does look like Hawaii!(minus any train adventures)How is the food?
They are paving our road in the POURING rain. Thought the kids would like to know

I am checking in even if I don't have time to write...