Friday, November 28, 2008

For our Mothers and other concerned parties

We're all still doing just fine! Really, even if we don't blog, email or call, it is all going more or less smoothly.

The recent blog silence has been more a symptom of my busier life than of any sort of malaise or disaster. And the sober/controversial posts before the break - well, I don't know. Felt like I had to say what I did - keeping it to myself would've been toxic. The problems here are so big and unavoidable. To omit them from the blog was begining to feel a bit too polyanna. But don't worry, this blog hasn't been advertised to friends and aquaintances here. I am quite cognizant of our 'guest' status, and the burden of representing not only the US but also the UW and the Fulbright project and am loathe to do anything to sully those images. (Seeing plenty of "Ugly Americans" everyday...)

We're very vigilant about our safety, probably well in excess of what is warranted so I'm reasonably confident that we'll make it back home all in one piece. I now take just about nothing for granted when I'm out in public and while that makes me nuts at times, it also keeps us safe. (and really, isn't nuts better than assaulted?)

It is stressful. For each of us, and in different ways. But we're tough and we're here for a reason and we all have our own reserves and resources to draw on. And all of the ugliness aside, its worth it. We'll come out the end of this year so much better off than we started.

So please don't worry too much! And we'll promise to be more punctual with the posts, emails and phone calls.

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Patsy said...

I just got onto your blog for the first time since you left. OMG! What a journey! I have been reading your entries for the last hour and am having difficulty taking it all in. I recall talking to you about my own experience in India. Your incredibly insightful reflections bring back so many memories--good and not so.
P.S. 36 babies!