Sunday, November 2, 2008

Get the Red Out!

The neighbors across the street decided to repaint their house for Diwali...

...and I couldn't approve of their color choice more!

They are now referred to as The Bucky Badger Guptas, as opposed to The Pharmacy Guptas, who live two houses down in a much more sedately painted house. There are 2 little Bucky Badger Guptas, Manu (9) and Pranav (6), who Ben loves to play with in the street. They have a lot of older friends who all play tag together and M and P have been Ben's entrance into a really fun group of boys. You'd think there'd be friction a big group of boys ranging from 4 to 17 but I've never seen or heard any. The older ones really look out for the little guys and keep things fun for everyone.

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