Saturday, November 8, 2008

Things that keep my children awake

There's only one entry because nothing else comes close:
Two nights ago the neighbors tore out bricks in the street, set up poles and a banquet tent for 100-200 people, and had a party / rock concert that went till about 10pm. On a weeknight. With a band that, um, wasn't good. Of course, they checked with
a. the local municipal authorities
b. all the neighbors
c. not a g-ddamn soul
before putting out five hours of 120+ decibels. Post your answers in the comments. Bonus--how thoroughly have the holes left by the torn up bricks been patched, as of this morning?


Grandpa George said...


This reminds me of when we lived in NYC. Before we moved to Wash Heights, we used to visit the Crows there. Their whole neighborhood seemed ALIVE with loud music and dancing, and not just on special occasions.

Then there was our own co-op, around the corner from the fire station. Wow, did that seem loud--the first 2 weeks. Then we all started to sleep through it. Wonder if that will be your experience.....

Hugs and kisses,


Susannah said...

Another set of questions from GrampaG,

I have always wondered how middle- and upper middle-class Indians deal with poverty and the things that poverty leads to such as begging and coercion on the part of a service provider (from baggage carriers to rickshaw drivers). I would be interested in your developing observations. Kiran Desai (sp) covers this a bit in The Inheiritance of Loss, but I do not know if her descriptions are representative.

Second, I wonder how poverty is managed in general. I've read Amartaya Sen, and I have noticed how low per capita income in general in India does not mean that most will starve, be homeless, or go without health care. It has always seemed to me that they get more bang for their public service rupee (to paraphrase). That is, they have higher levels of basic social services than their income would indicate. I assume that one factor is that in India, things are not as capitalized, monetized, and securitized as they are in the US (BTW, notice how inaccurate "securitization" is as a term for CDOs in the current deregulatory practices in the US financial markets?)

Well!!!now there's a typical GG ramble.

Hope you are all well and snug in your beds across the time zone.