Tuesday, November 11, 2008


...I guess we do have a bathtub.


Susannah said...

Hi Ben,

This looks like fun. When I was your age, I had baths like this (this was before ac, tv, computers, internet), and I had to walk to school up hill BOTH WAYS!

Be sure to give everybody a big hug, and while they're engaged, ask Chris to see if you still have a sugarpig neck.

Much Love,


ehirunner said...

GG also doesn't mention that in those days there was no water, and so he had to go out and break the ice on the pond with his bare hands (it was also cold in South Norfolk then) to get water for his bath AND Uncle Dickie's. P.L.T.

Lengthy, technical [boring] post on poverty, from an econocultural perspective, is forthcoming...along with my several papers, lectures, dissertation, etc. Its actually quicker to buy a plane ticket and fly here in person to ask me! hint hint.