Wednesday, November 5, 2008



We are so pleased that Barak Obama won! It was positively awful going to sleep last night knowing it was all going to go down and we would miss it. It was with dread we called Aunt Shu, only to have our minds put at ease.

HOORAY!!! Guess we'll come home after all.

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Katie Greenway said...

Hi Maggie, Chris, Caitlin and Ben!

Just thought I'd leave a note to let you all know I've been keeping up with your blog. India looks beautiful and it seems like Caitlin & Ben are having a good time. I miss them!

And wow - I couldn't be happier about President-Elect Obama! I was working at the Herald on election night. It was incredible - thousands of people streamed onto State Street and to the Capitol, then back to Bascom Hill after his acceptance speech. What a time to be an American! What's the reaction to his election in India?