Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Things that keep me awake at night

1. The dogs barking
2. The train station 1km away which, I think, only lets engines use their horns between 2-4am
3. The temple next door chanting Sanskrit into a microphone for an audience of none at 4:30 am
4. The MARCHING BAND that the people down the street have hired to being awake? 2, 4, and 6 am, I mean c'mon what the heck now people?
5. The power going out and the inverter failing, = no fan and hothothot--this is actually getting better
6. Ben falling out of bed for the first time ever, actually I was already awake, so I got the full start to finish experience of being the worst parent in the world

Why can't all these things happen at once?

1 comment:

Grandpa George said...


2nd post--lost my first--technoincomp--but, it was on issue of: how could you be worst dad in history, when I, who made you listen to Bolivian Social Welfare reports on NPR AND hear about many good books just read...must hold that distinction.

We're loving your reports from India and the pictures.

Love to all.